LOCAL CLIENT SERVICES IN-STUDIO APPOINTMENT: COMPLIMENTARY Our Studio is located at 18 Wingold Avenue, on the Northwest corner of Dufferin and Wingold. We are pleased to offer in-person meetings by appointment only, to review art samples and originals, as well as framing finishes. In order to feel a connection with the artwork, we know this can be a crucial touch point. FRAMING SERVICES: $ DETERMINED ON A PER PROJECT BASIS Whether you're interested in framing new artwork or modernizing existing pieces, we're happy to facilitate framing and finishing options. Price is reflective of size, materials and frame selection. A quote can be provided once these details are finalized. For art purchases, we require payment in full in order to place the order. For framing purchases, we require a minimum 50% deposit prior to the order being placed. Once the framing is complete, delivery is arranged at an additional charge. Professional, white glove service is offered, ensuring the finished pieces arrive in perfect condition. Please allow 3-4 weeks for completion and delivery, dependant on selections. ONSITE VISIT IN TORONTO: $350 (GTA $450 +) This visit includes: An optional 90 minute art consultation where preferences, style, sizing, budget and wall configuration (ie. 2 rows of 4 stacked, an eclectic gallery wall with varying shapes and sizes etc.) are discussed. Detailed measurements of walls, furniture, etc. will be taken. Our standard hourly rates apply for additional time spent onsite.