Original Artwork 

Handmade papers, cotton thread on 140lb watercolour paper, 12x16". 

Collection: In Conversation: Part I

A number of the abstract landscapes in this series were created in pairs to explore balance in relationships. Her explorations were carried out by creating movement through mark making with stitching, along with paper layering to highlight the textural qualities of handmade papers.  A combination of sourced handmade papers from Nepal (Lokta), Japan (Washi) and papers made by the artist are used in these works.  


Bio/Artist Statement 

Cindy Yan Lam (she/her) is a Canadian visual artist. Her current practice focuses on working with paper as a medium. Born in Hong Kong, she immigrated to Canada with her family as a toddler. She is based in Toronto. 

Lam's process driven practice consists of historical craft technologies that are tactile and require time in their development, as her work often explores themes of slowness, the passage of time, juxtapositions, and regeneration. Her creative methods include hand papermaking, stitching, inkwork, and printmaking. Many of her abstract landscape works begin with handmade papers which are created from the raw fibre stage that Lam processes by hand. Her practice aims to counter the frenetic pace of our highly digitized age where faster is often deemed better. Much of Lam’s work is influenced by her daily walking practice where she attunes to the many non-human lifeforms, we share our planet with. 

Lam holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from Falmouth University, UK. She was awarded distinction classifications for both her final major project and for her degree. In 2024, she was the recipient of an Explore and Create grant by the Canada Council for the Arts which support her further explorations in hand papermaking. She has exhibited locally and internationally. Her works are held in private collections in Canada, USA, Asia, and Europe. 

When she is not making art, you will find her exploring the residential streets, parks, and ravines in her neighbourhood with her two beloved Samoyed dogs aka her studio mates.