Art Print 
  • Printed on Fine Art Paper, 100% cotton and acid and OBA free
  • Print dimension includes white border

Limited Editions:

18”x24” (2.6" Border): 50 editions

24”x32” (3.7" Border): 40 editions

30”x40” (3.2" Border): 30 editions

36"x48” (3.8" Border): 15 editions

Lee Lessem is an abstract expressionist painter who is constantly excited by every nook and cranny in our lives that we see but most often don’t notice. Born on a farm in Africa and surrounded by the magnificence of natural beauty, painting has always been a medium for the artist to test the tension between the real and the abstract - what we perceive and that which truly exists.

Lessem’s artworks have a delicate balance between fluidity and structure, softness and vitality, transparency and solidity, and mystery and clarity. Through her practice, the artist visualizes the entanglements of our everyday life and soft and beautiful nature that surrounds us. Lessem hopes to inspire people to look more carefully at the world around them and to discover beauty in all the unusual places.