Original Artwork

Series: Malibu

Watercolour on 100% Cotton heavyweight paper. Painting is 3 X 3". 

  • Paper outline in visual not true to size
  • This original watercolour painting is created on 100% Cotton Paper, 140lbs/300 gsm, which is stretched watercolour paper (rigid and flat)

Donata's passion is watercolours and texture. She started drawing in highschool, when art class was basically forced on her for an arts credit. She hesitated because she never imagined being good at anything visual. The class changed everything. Her teacher saw something in her. By the end of the semester, she was hooked. But ultimately, as she was finishing her undergraduate degree in fine and visual arts, she chose to go into architecture because she also really loved building and construction, and this still maintained a connection to visual arts. Architecture teaches her to express myself visually, to communicate ideas on paper for others to understand. Concepts such as composition, line weights, layers, colour, texture - all of these tools are consistently important in architecture as they communicate, in drawing, the complexity and order of build form. And they're definitely not lost in art.  

She chose to paint as a creative outlet, and to create without any rules. What she loves about watercolour is that it challenges her personality; which fights to always be in control of everything. Watercolour is mischievous but in a somewhat controlled way. It's firmly confined by wet and dry edges, but within this boundary, it is playful and surprising. That is the underlying theme in her art. She aspires to create pieces that are playful and serene, offering some stillness when we need it most.