Art Print 
  • Printed on Fine Art Paper, 100% cotton and acid and OBA free
  • All prints include a generous border to allow for float-style or matless framing

Limited Editions:

11x14” (Image 8x10”): 20 Editions

16x20” (Image 11x14”): 10 Editions

20x24” (Image 16x20”): 5 Editions

24x30” (Image 20x25”): 3 Editions

30x36” (Image 24x30”): 3 Editions


Series: Ice + Fire 

In nature, ice forms restlessly. Water slows and cools and becomes sluggish. It crystallizes into ice, melts, and then freezes over once more. The ice moves, and fractures and then freezes again in new patterns, over and over, each time embodying the lines and textures of its own history. Bubbles and leaves and waves are trapped, like memories of past summers. Colours range from deepest midnight to vivid azure. Where it catches the sunlight, the colours of the prism are unlocked, and water begins to bead, and then to flow. Spring will be here soon. 

Theses prints are inspired by the cycle of the ice. 

Artist Statement

All of Janet’s work draws from her close observations of our physical world. Lines and shapes distilled from nature become a visual language for exploring our connections with each other and with nature. She seeks visual stories of calm and unity–the beauty of the world and the shared truths of our lives.

In her original prints, Janet works with these organic shapes and marks, and combines them with photography and painted textures. These striking graphic compositions refer to her own personal engagement with nature, but also to our common journey. The prints are peaceful, with a calm palette and a cool vibe that speaks to the quiet moments they are drawn from.


Following her BFA, Janet Taylor took a brief but engaging thirty-year detour into graphic design, interactive media and photography. In 2016 she returned to fine art and has been building her studio practice since then.Her work is in collections in Canada, the US, the UK, and Bermuda, and has been seen in Contemporary Artist, Style at Home and Uppercase magazines, and on HGTV Home Tours. 

After many years in the Toronto area, Janet’s studio is now in Gravenhurst, Ontario.