Photographic Art Print 

  • Printed on Archival Photo paper, 100% cotton 
  • Print has an additional 1" handling border 
  • Artist recommends framing edge to edge

    Christine Flynn is a Toronto artist living in Prince Edward County working in photography and mixed media. Flynn is known for her landscape photography imbued with abstract elements, creating works of art that exist in between two mediums. In doing so, Flynn elevates the potential of what it means to be a contemporary photographer. The relationship between the photograph and abstract elements is nuanced: the abstractions do not distract from the photograph, but instead appear as if they are part of the image, enhancing it and adding depth.

    Christine Flynn received her BFA from Houghton College, western New York State in 1994. During her studies, Flynn focused on an intensive fine art photography practice. Her work has been exhibited extensively in galleries in Canada, the U.S. and Internationally. Since her first solo show at Pulse Contemporary Art Fair in New York, Flynn's work has been widely exhibited in North America at art fairs such as Context Art Miami, Scope, New York, Art Hamptons as well as solo shows in Boston, New York and Toronto galleries. Internationally, her work has been shown at major art fairs in London, Paris, Brussels, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Hamburg.