Photographic Art Print 

  • Printed on Fine Art Paper, 100% cotton and acid and OBA free

  • Dimensions are image size, allow for additional handling border

  • Film grain & blur are intentional


Image name: The Joy of Integrity

12"x18": Not editioned

Limited Editions:

16"x24": 50 editions

20"x30": 30 editions

32"x48": 25 editions

36"x54": 15 editions

The Joy of Integrity

This girl can’t help but jump for joy as the gift of embracing integrity gives her the feeling of wholeness.

The Joy of Integrity was created for the girls who want to live according to their deepest values. This girl has let go of making excuses knowing that when she honours her word, she shows herself and others respect. She knows that responsibility isn't always a burden: it can give you the feeling of lightness and purpose.

Integrity is a glorious place to be, it lights up your soul. You can’t be bought because you know what you stand for. Others know they can trust you and you trust yourself. You are strong enough to have a vulnerable conversation knowing that being sincere is simply being your authentic self.

This girl was created to give you the courage to live every moment of life joyfully doing what is natural and true for you.

Young Girl In Bloom 

This series was inspired by that delicate age when young girls are between teenagers but not yet women. This incredible moment in life when young women are on the verge of greatness but often don't realise it.

These photos were created with the young girls around me in mind, who are so innately beautiful and powerful yet often don't see it in themselves. 

The images have names such as I Believe in Me, Great Future Ahead, On My Way and Standing Her Ground and my wish is that they inspire women to look within at their own beauty, find their uniqueness and tap into their power. And when a Young Girl Is In Bloom, when she knows her self-worth she is most powerful force on earth!