Art Print 

  • Printed on Fine Art Paper, 100% cotton and acid and OBA free
  • Size reflects image size, additional 1" handling border all around
  • Certificate of Authenticity enclosed


Limited Editions

18" x 18": 50 editions

24" x 24": 40 editions

32" x 32": 30 editions

40" x 40": 25 editions

48" x 48": 15 editions


Artist Statement

Nature gives me space for contemplation, a place to think and feel and become a part of another world and its rhythms. My thoughts and feelings float by uncontrolled and free where I can go within myself , a space true and real.

As I observe my muse the butterfly and its wing movements I begin to draw as I sit plein air. In gardens by the lake.  Capturing quick gestural sketches as I would in life drawing of the figure, I find unusual forms in their motion and interaction. This immersive experience fuses into my memory on a deeper level since it affects all of the senses, the sounds, scents, textures and colours, as I sit for hours in the outdoor space.

There is a quiet beautiful rhythm I can feel from the scents of the plants, the wind, the water, the earth.  All is one as I bring the experience distilled into its bare essence, the visual language centred on the butterfly wing forms.  Sometimes they may look figurative, or even like florals or plant materials as everything is one.  Eventually I am within myself finding flow in tune with myself, my thoughts and gaining a deeper understanding of them. Overall I find taping into the rhythm of nature so calming and informative on a personal level.  I tap into this memory of experience on a subconscious level when I work digitally later on with the  ipad bringing layering, colour and distortion from the plein air drawings. The work speaks to transformation and crossing other worlds, which is how nature makes me feel, grounded and calm, changed from the contemplative space within myself.

This series of 23 works with OTW is called “Deep into the Call of All” and from a line in a poem by John O’Donohue.  The titles of the works are from words or phrases in the same poem "For the Artist at the Start of the Day”.  We are ALL artists for our days on earth, and we can each choose to understand ourselves on a deeper level and the world around us in order to engage in a better future for all on this planet.  We just need to take the time to do the work.

Kate graduated in 2019 from OCADU and work  in the East end of Toronto by Lake Ontario.

She has exhibited in Toronto, Ottawa, New York and Miami and represented by Alessandro Berni galleries in NYC.